Sustainable Weight Loss & Your Promise for 2016

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This time of the year, probably more so than any other, is the time that we reminisce over our past, and contemplate our futures.

While we are attending gatherings with friends and families, breaking bread together, sharing gifts and good times, and rolling into the new year with new energy and gusto, we are also creating big dreams, setting exciting goals, and making important promises. “I’m going to make 2016 my best year ever”, “I’m finally going to lose weight.” “I’m going to start to exercise”, “I’m going to finally get my health back.” “I am going to change careers.”

You know your promises – you’ve probably made them more than once in the past. Some you have kept; many are nagging reminders of unfulfilled commitments.

In Bill Phillips’ book Body for Life, he explains why keeping promises to ourselves is much more important than it appears on the surface.

Bill writes, “When you set an important goal you must promise yourself that you will finish what you start, no matter what. That vow, although it might be very easy to break, is by far one of the most important ones to honor. You see, the very essence of confidence is self-trust. Would you trust anyone who repeatedly lied to you? Someone who broke the rules of the game again and again? Of course you wouldn’t. So if you’ve developed a pattern of not honoring self-promises, this is a great time to make a change. If you can’t honor, trust, and depend on your own word, well… that may be the root of a lot of challenges in your life – a lot more than you realize.

This is a critical – and eye opening – issue for each of us to face.

Most people have a very hard time answering the simple question, “Do I keep my word to myself?” (Or, should I say, they have a hard time answering it honestly.)

The thing about lying to ourselves is that we never, ever get away with it. On the surface we may fool our minds into ignoring and not admitting what we’re doing, but deep down, in the place where all truth resides for each of us, in the place where we know and see ourselves as we really are – in that place, we are causing pain and damage every time we’re not totally honest with ourselves…

…It doesn’t have to be like that though. No matter how long it has been like that, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Contrary to what many people think, it’s a lot easier to keep the promises we make to ourselves than it is to break them.

Keeping these promises unleashes enormous energy and potential. That potential emptiness created by self-deception will become filled with strength, certainty – and yes, confidence – if you honor self-promises. (We’ve all heard the phrase “The truth shall set you free”. Well, nowhere is that more true than when we apply it to our relationship with ourselves.)”

So how can you take this knowledge and apply it to your health, your weight, relationships and other areas of your life?

Are there promises that you are making and not keeping? How does that affect your energy, motivation and progress? How does it make you feel about yourself?

Is this the year you are ready to finally make a real shift, create sustainable inner change and and make a real life transformation?

Are you ready to finally keep your promise to yourself and give yourself what you need to change HOW you eat, WHY you eat and re-wire your brain around food so you can lose the weight for good? Are you ready to make self-care a priority? Are you ready to be your best self?

If not now…then when??

Let me support you on this journey. I promise to hold your hand every step of the way. I know it can be scary since you’ve had many false starts in the past.


Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

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I just got back late last night from a business Mastermind in San Diego. It was so inspiring!
Not to mention San Diego is beautiful!

Last February I started working with a business coach since I wanted to grow my coaching business in a bigger way. I needed someone to help guide me to the next level and I wanted the accountability and support.

I learned so much about myself at this Mastermind and I had a really big breakthrough moment while I was there.

My coach invited us one by one to get up on stage to give our personal story for 3 minutes. My problem, I hate public speaking. Though I’ve done it, the anxiety and fear I feel is overwhelming. The voice in my head was going a mile a minute. Should I or shouldn’t I?? I knew the answer was ” I should get up on stage” but I didn’t.

For those of us that didn’t get up there my coach said “you missed an opportunity to grow and you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable”. OMG! I say that to my clients all the time! “You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable with the feelings that make you want to eat”.

That was a major breakthrough moment for me! How can I tell my clients to get comfortable being uncomfortable when I didn’t step up myself? I realized I missed an opportunity to grow. I actually realized a lot of things about myself in these 3 days. I have to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to change and grow.

My coach’s goal is to help me change my mindset the same way that I try to help you change yours. At the end of the day the truth is, if you think you can’t you won’t and we have to change our limiting beliefs.

I wasn’t sure if I would, but I signed up for another year of coaching. I didn’t overthink it or I would’ve come up with a millions reasons not to spend the money. I did make some significant changes for the better this past year and I was glad I made the investment so WHY WOULDN’T I invest in myself again. I am not getting any younger so if not now, THEN WHEN?

If you need help pushing past your fear and changing your limiting beliefs about getting what you need to succeed in your struggle with weight and emotional eating, reply to this email and say I’M READY and we’ll set up a 30 minute strategy call to talk about what you need and where to start to change and grow.