Are Your Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

“The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is
the story you keep telling yourself.” ~Tony Robbins

Common Limiting Beliefs:

1) I don’t have enough willpower.

When it comes to weight loss, willpower only lasts for so long. You have to practice new self-talk and mindset to lose weight and not re-gain the weight once it’s gone. Lasting weight loss is achieved when you change your old habits, behaviors and mindset.

2) I don’t have time.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day so why do some people find the time to exercise or plan for their meals? For some it’s I MUST, for others it’s I SHOULD. Figure out where you spend your time and decide if it’s the best possible use of your time.

When it comes to your health “I don’t have time” usually means it’s not a priority. Don’t be too busy for YOU.

3) What if I fail again?

Well….What if you don’t???

Holding onto this belief will keep you stuck because you don’t believe in yourself or trust yourself that you can do it. Be the person that falls down and gets back up. Don’t stay down.

In a recent survey I took of my readers more than 50% said they were ready to start their weight loss journey BUT worried “What if I can’t do it?”

This limiting belief will, most likely, prevent them from ever getting started or will cause them to self-sabotage because they don’t truly believe they can.

What beliefs do you have about yourself and the world that constrain your present experience and impede your ability to have the future you want?

All limiting beliefs are rooted in fear: of failure, of rejection, of social judgment.

We turn away from what we fear and retreat to the confines of our comfort zone. In doing so, we give limiting beliefs their self-fulfilling power and accommodate ourselves to false inevitabilities.

If you struggle with losing weight or keeping off the weight you lose, take a few minutes and write down the answers to these questions:

• What resistance am I feeling inside while I think about achieving this goal?
• Why can’t I overcome certain challenges to achieve my goal? What is holding me back?
• What specifically is getting in the way?
• What unhelpful habits am I indulging in?
• How am I thinking about this situation?
• What am I saying or doing to myself that is holding me back?
• What excuses do I tend to indulge in? What do these excuses mean? Why do I make them?
• Why do I think this is hard or too difficult? What is stopping me? Why?

To free yourself from your limiting beliefs shine the light of awareness on them.

Mindful Eating Tips to Get Through the Holidays!

It’s crazy how you blink your eyes and before you know it we are coming to the end of another year. As we come into November we know that the holidays are right around the corner. As a nutritionist who coaches on how to achieve lasting weight loss, I know that this time of year brings an undercurrent of worry to those that don’t trust themselves to be surrounded by so much food for an extended period of time.

Below I have shared 10 of my best coaching tips to get you through the holidays without gaining a pound.
1) Don’t go to a party hungry. Have a small snack so you are not ravenous when you get there.   Good choices are NEVER made when you are too hungry and you will most likely overeat.

2) If you are a guest, assess the scene of what is being served before you take a plate. Decide what you want the most and go back and take a little of what you want on your plate. If you choose what you want the most, chances are you will be satisfied the first time around.

3) Be mindful while you are eating the food you chose to put on your plate. Savor the taste, aroma and the texture.
4) Be careful  of the voice that says  “It’s Just Only”.  ​​​​​​​Those little bites or amounts that you pop into your mouth thinking “it’s just a little, what difference will it make”. Over the days/weeks those little bites add up.
5) Take a pause when your food is gone, Assess your hunger. If you wait 10 minutes you will notice if you are no longer hungry. There is a difference between being “full’ and “no longer hungry”
6) Practice your self-talk-  AM I STILL HUNGRY? Do I need to eat more if I am no longer hungry?   If you are no longer hungry, do not eat. You body is telling you it is satisfied (What your brain may be saying is a different story)
7) Step away from the table/food when you are done eating. This will prevent you from eating more just because “the food is still there”. Engage in conversation. Keep yourself busy in other ways then eating.
8) If you are the host, be mindful of how much you eat when preparing the food and putting it away. Many extra calories tend to be consumed during cooking and clean-up.
9) Have a plan in your head. Create an eating strategy before you go to the party or event. Each party you attend will not be your last supper. Remember you can always eat more you can’t un-eat if you serve yourself more than you need.
10) BUT Most important is to enjoy yourself! Enjoy the people around you. Don’t put the focus on the food. Its’ just food. Put the focus on making the best choices for yourself and what feels good and focus on the fun!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​