Going to Lisa was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I wanted to know why I kept losing and gaining weight and Lisa helped me to learn about mindful eating and how I kept sabotaging myself. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight. But, Lisa gave me the tools to learn what I was doing and to change my thinking about food. Losing weight and ones relationship with food is very personal and Lisa provided a plan and guidance that was tailored to me. Not only did I lose the weight, I learned the skills to keep the weight off and I’m confident my yo-yo dieting days are gone. I don’t make excuses any more about my weight or what I ate. And, my outlook on life is so much better. If you are ready to stop making excuses, and to work hard to understand what’s awry with your relationship with food Lisa can help you. She’s a great nutritionist that also understands the emotional side of dieting and food. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to know Lisa and to learn from her.

Linda S.

I began working with Lisa when every other weight loss attempt failed for me – she helped me identify my eating triggers, and suggested a lifestyle for me that has kept me satisfied and still losing weight. She really listened on our first meeting, and incorporated items for me that I just couldn’t give up. She was always encouraging, while simultaneously holding me accountable for slip-ups. She has helped me to see food in a different way.

Heidi W.

I worked with Lisa for one year and as trite as it sounds, the experience was life changing. In that year I completely changed my relationship with food – it is no longer a source of obsession, anxiety or stress for me. I have also lost 20lbs, and am happily and easily maintaining my goal weight. Lisa’s approach is different from other diet plans. Lisa taught me how to listen to my body and adopt healthier, more balanced habits and behaviors. With her guidance I consistently lost weight without feeling hungry or deprived. I learned how not to eat emotionally and how not to use food as a source of entertainment. These days, I can sit on the couch and watch TV without it occurring to me to make a trip to the fridge. Food is no longer the focus of my thinking, and it’s a relief. All that time I spent worrying or feeling guilty over my diet, is now spent in more productive ways. And I’m grateful.

Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She is non-judgmental, understanding, supportive and available. I couldn’t have been happier in my experience with her.

Dena D.

Lisa has been an incredible positive influence on me and has helped me transform my eating habits and lose 40 pounds in 9 months – and most importantly – keep those pounds off!

Lisa’s approach to mindfulness and the psychology of eating made all the difference. She’s obviously very knowledgeable about food and dieting, but that’s a given. More importantly – Lisa’s unique approach to engaging with her clients gets to the source of the excess eating – and targets a sustained change in behavior. She works with her clients to pinpoint the specific triggers and pitfalls that cause excessive eating or unhealthy habits, and then works diligently with her clients to root them out and replace them with healthier habits that stick. Like anything else in life that’s worth pursuing, it’s a process rather than an‘event’, it requires commitment and focus, and delivers very satisfying long-lasting outcomes.

If you are ready to take back control of your health and do good for yourself – Lisa should be your first call. You won’t regret it.

Michael R.

I finally got it! After years of struggling with my weight, yo-yoing up and down and always feeling like I would never get how to stop the cycle, I am free of wondering what will work and beating myself up for what I did “wrong.”  Lisa has shown me how to eat mindfully and I have never felt better about my relationship to food and my body.

Suzanne G.

Lisa taught me to listen to my body, hold myself accountable for the food I eat, and bounce back quickly when I make a mistake. Not only have I lost the weight, I’m sleeping better, my energy levels are higher and my anxiety is gone. Even my career has benefited from the work I’ve done with Lisa.

Dana Z.

Lisa helped me to turn my back on serial dieting and to say farewell to my constant failure and disappointment in maintaining long-term weight loss. She guided me to recognize and embrace a holistic approach to my emotional and psychological issues around food. Lisa changed the way I think about nourishment and the way I act around food. Thanks to her thorough and successful examination of my particular eating habits and her effective methods towards change, I feel encouraged to lead a far healthier life.

Anne B.

I saw Lisa after a having major joint issues and chronic pain that was not subsiding. After 4 days on the diet and taking the supplements she suggested I began to feel better. After 2 weeks I was able to go off my anti-inflammatory and pain medication for the first time in 10 years.

Jeffrey R.

I have turned off the conversation in my head about food. I’m not denying myself anything or beating myself up after a plate of pasta. Lisa has helped me to mindfully make choices that best suit my nutritional needs and the results have been amazing!

Amy G.

Today, I received my annual review for my job with and “Outstanding” rating. I attribute so much of that as being a member of the TLS tribe and receiving information, pep talks and private phone calls that have helped me with not only weight loss and better health efforts but with other things in life.

With all of your coaching I have better learned how to focus, deep breath, have less anxiety, acceptance and sense of humor in stressful situations, strive for progress not perfection, know that multi- tasking is not for me and so much more!!!

Cindy S.

When you and I first spoke, I was really at the end of my rope. Now, I feel like I have been reborn. I have hope for the future. It may sound a little melodramatic, but I believe this experience has saved my life.

I have learned so many things from you, the coaches and everyone in the group – how to be more mindful, how to recognize and avoid binge triggers, how to avoid overeating by planning ahead and making positive choices ahead of time, how to deal with diet saboteurs, how to eat out without falling into the “too much food” trap, and most importantly how to permanently get off the diet roller coaster once and for all. All things I probably knew intellectually but definitely not emotionally. Now I feel like I own my thoughts. They don’t control me. I control them.

Deanna W.

“I came to you after gaining slowly but surely over 22 lbs (10kg) in about a year and a half. I have always been a fairly skinny girl with a huge appetite and a fast metabolism, who gained 2-3 kg on every vacation and lost them easily right after. In my 40’s and after 3 pregnancies (in which I didn’t gain too much), I started gaining because of (fortunately) having more family vacations and (unfortunately) my metabolism must have slowed down… so I wouldn’t lose those 4-6 pounds till the next vacation, and the pounds started adding up! I didn’t know what to do any more and didn’t want to go on a low carb diet (again), which I have done in the past and hated and felt deprived (and gained all back and more after). A friend thought I may enjoy working with you and she was right! I started with a bit of (perhaps a lot of) resistance, but slowly, in your expertly supportive way, you managed to teach me new ways of thinking and behaving about food, ways that I am thankfully now modeling to my kids, friends and colleagues. I lost 22 pounds in about 3 months of working together, and a couple more afterwards as I continued applying all the principles I learned from you to maintain where I am. I feel great, I still enjoy food – even more than before, because I appreciate every bite more now that I don’t just stuff myself, and I know that next week in my annual checkup my blood tests will look better. Thank you Lisa for your amazing expertise! I look forward to continuing learning from you when new challenges come up!!!”